There is a Luxury 2 bedroom cottage with views of the Lake and Wedding Field, providing accommodation if you wish to stay. We also have glamping bell tents and onsite camping which can be added as an option for your guests with a second day extension if your looking to make a weekend of it!

Terms of Booking
Terms of Booking

Luxury Meets Elegance

As your evening celebrations come to a close, we don’t want your special day to end. Instead, The Firs becomes a home from home, uniquely yours until the following morning with your own secluded Honeymoon Cottage . If you’re looking for a Tipi wedding venue with accommodation in the Worcestershire area, you’ll find it here.

The Firs offers the ideal setting for your dream wedding feast in Worcestershire. Nestled in romantic surroundings, our venue features intimate barns, charming gardens, and expansive fields, creating the perfect backdrop for your special day. With tastefully renovated spaces and a warm, inviting atmosphere, we provide a cozy and elegant setting for you and your guests to enjoy a memorable culinary experience.

The Firs offers everything you've ever imagined for a cosy cottage retreat in Worcestershire. Set amidst romantic surroundings, our cottages provide a secluded and intimate escape, surrounded by delightful gardens and expansive fields. Each cottage is beautifully refurbished and tastefully appointed, offering a homely and welcoming atmosphere for a truly relaxing getaway.

Experience the fusion of love and luxury, where fleeting moments transform into cherished memories. Enhance your romantic journey with enduring grace at The Firs – where weddings and retreats harmonise into a grand symphony of splendor.